Peer-reviewed journal articles

(under review). ‘Speculative relations in Lima: Encounters with the limits of fog capture and ethnography’. HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory.

(revise and resubmit). ‘Ecology of capture: Creating land titles out of thin air in coastal Peru’. Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology.

(accepted/in press). ‘Displacing (in)formality: Endangered species, endangered city, and unstable grounds of comparison’. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 28 (2).

2021. ‘The (ontological) politics of fog capture in Lima, Peru‘. Anthropology Today 37 (1): 13-16. [pdf]

Chapters in edited volumes

(under review). ‘Invasiones, urban fog oasis conservation, and the politics of housing in Lima’. In Urban Natures: Making Visible, (Re)Connecting and (Re)Politicising, edited by Ferne Edwards, Ida Nilstad Pettersen, and Lucia Alex Popartan.

2021. ‘Anthropology of Infrastructures‘. In The International Encyclopedia of Anthropology, edited by Hilary Callan, 1-8. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. [pdf]

Online writing

2021. ‘Infrastructuralizing outer space, un-earthing anthropology‘. Antroperspektiv. [pdf]

2020. ‘Atmospheric failure‘. Allegra Lab. [pdf]

2020. ‘When things don’t hold: Failure, breakdown, and dysfunction‘, co-authored with Rozafa Berisha and Laura Mafizzoli. Allegra Lab. [pdf]

2020. ‘Attunements to fog: Capture as an idiom for more-than-human entanglements‘. NatureCulture. [pdf]

Book reviews

2021. ‘Hannah Knox, Thinking Like a Climate: Governing a City in Times of Environmental Change. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, pp. 328, 2020′. The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology 39 (1): 152-153. [pdf]

2021. ‘Aeolian politics and the duograph‘. Anthropology Book Forum 7 (1). Works reviewed: Howe, Cymene. 2019. Ecologics: Wind and power in the Anthropocene. Durham, NC: Duke University Press; Boyer, Dominic. 2019. Energopolitics: Wind and power in the Anthropocene. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. [pdf]

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Other publications

(forthcoming). Online exhibition, ‘Speculations on Islamic sonic-aeolian cosmotechnics’, co-authored with Samuel Tettner. FICT: Fragmentary Institute of Comparative Timelines.

Editorial work

2020. Thematic thread, ‘When things don’t hold: Anthropologies of failure, breakdown, and dysfunction‘, co-edited with Rozafa Berisha and Laura Mafizzoli. Allegra Lab.