Attunements to fog

A short piece I wrote has just been published as a part of the brilliant NatureCulture, More-Than-Human Worlds blog series. It’s titled “Attunements to fog: Capture as an idiom for more-than-human entanglements”, and it is based on my fieldwork among fog-oasis conservationists and fog capture enthusiasts in Peru. In it I try to draw parallels between my own observations of human-fog relations and writings on traps and capture, ultimately suggesting an idiom of capture for ethnographic description more generally. I draw inspiration from what anthropologist Alberto Corsín Jiménez has suggested with regards to traps and entrapment, as well as Whiteheadian musings (via Didier Debaise) on prehension as a form of capture. I also write about spider webs, again heavily inspired by Corsín Jiménez and his reflections on Jakob von Uexküll’s writings. Read online or download a pdf.