Infrastructuralizing outer space, un-earthing anthropology

Over the past year I have slowly started working on an ethnographic project around Sweden's national strategy to increase its infrastructural presence in outer space. I recently outlined my interests in a short text that has now been published in the Swedish anthropology blog antroperspektiv. The text, titled Infrastructuralizing outer space, un-earthing anthropology, is also … Continue reading Infrastructuralizing outer space, un-earthing anthropology

Aeolian politics and the duograph

Cymene Howe and Dominic Boyer have crafted two eloquent accounts of the turbulent, aeolian politics that unfolded during their 16-month-long field research in Mexico’s Isthmus of Tehuantepec, between 2009 and 2013. A gap in the Sierra Madre mountain range forms an extraordinary wind tunnel in the isthmus, rendering the region a convenient site for renewable … Continue reading Aeolian politics and the duograph

Multiple nature-cultures, diverse anthropologies

My review of Casper Bruun Jensen and Atsuro Morita's edited volume is out. The book is titled Multiple Nature-Cultures, Diverse Anthropologies and was published in 2019, but previously available as a special issue in Social Analysis. I really enjoyed the chapters, particularly the ones by Swanson, Walford, Kasuga, Skrydstrup, and the editors themselves. Perhaps because I felt these … Continue reading Multiple nature-cultures, diverse anthropologies

Failure, breakdown, dysfunction

I recently co-organized a PhD and early-career symposium at the University of Manchester, together with my friends Laura Mafizzoli and Rozafa Berisha. We called it When Things don't Hold: Anthropologies of Failure, Breakdown, and Dysfunction, and we invited 9 participants to come and present their work. We were also lucky to have Madeleine Reeves (Manchester) … Continue reading Failure, breakdown, dysfunction

How materials matter

My review of Graeme Were's book How materials matter: design, innovation and materiality in the Pacific has just been published in Social Anthropology. "Recent new materialisms and nonhuman turns have brought materiality and materials to the centre of anthropological attention. How materials matter sets out to bridge a number of different trajectories in this body of literature. It … Continue reading How materials matter